I’m Amara - Crystal enthusiast, jewelry designer, wife, and cat mom. I started Affirmation Crystals because crystal healing has been a transformative part of my spiritual journey.
My intention is to help you find crystals and crystal jewelry that light you up in a major way. Affirmation Crystals is space for beauty, healing, and abundance.
I love Crystals.
When people hear me rattling off the properties of each stone, the first question they ask is: “How did you ‘get into’ crystals?” 


Well. Long story short - immense grief. I found myself in a metaphysical shop a few years back, and was drawn to the uplifting energy. The in-house crystal expert spoke with me about my unexpected loss, and suggested (1) a crystal and (2) an affirmation. He asked me to meditate with both for five minutes to start.

I was one of those people who couldn’t get still enough to meditate AT. ALL. However, the next day, I meditated with that tumbled stone for an HOUR (didn’t see that coming!)

From that point on, crystal knowledge came to me natually (and spiritually!). Friends, family, colleagues, and even crystal shop owners started telling me to start my own crystal business- because I knew WAY too much and was much too passionate.

In 2019, I felt called to take the leap. I believe the purpose of life is joy. My business is about seeking and promoting just that. 


Thank You For Your Support!

Every purchase, website visit, and social media follow supports my small business. If I can support you by answering a question about crystals, tracking down a crystal that is not on the site, or working on a custom piece- please reach out! Send me a message on social media or by email at contact@affirmationcrystals.com, and I will help in any way I can.

Love, Light, and Miracles,