Founded in 2019 - Affirmation Crystals exists to help you find crystals and crystal jewelry that light you up in a major way. Our intention is to promote beauty, healing, abundance, and joy.
All  of our crystals are natural. To us, that means from mother earth.  While they are often beautiful, *we do not offer man made crystals.*
All of our jewelry is handmade by the owner, Amara, in joyful and loving spaces. 

About the Owner

Hello! My name is Amara. I am a crystal expert and practitioner, jewelry designer, and spiritual intuitive. Just like you, I am a spiritual being having a human experience! 

Crystal energy, healing, and meditation changed the game for me! I was introduced to crystal healing after my older sister unexpectedly transitioned to nonphysical in 2018.

The energy and beauty of crystals powerfully enhanced my healing process and every aspect of my life.

Others soon noticed that my connection to and knowledge of these beauties was almost second nature. I found myself assisting fellow patrons at every shop I visited (and the owners encouraged me!)

I started Affirmation Crystals to honor my incredible  sister. It is a blessing to share the beauty and power of gems and minerals with you!

Thank You For Your Support   
Every purchase, website visit, and social media follow supports my small business. If I can support you by answering a question about crystals, tracking down a crystal that is not on the site, or working on a custom piece- please reach out! Send me a message on Instagram at @affirmationcrystals or by email at contact@affirmationcrystals.com I will help in any way I can.
Love, Light, and Miracles,