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Affirmation Crystals

Affirmation Palm Stone Set

Affirmation Palm Stone Set

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"All is Well" Lapis Lazuli Palmstone

 Lapis Lazuli is a stone of wisdom, spiritual connection, and clarity. This beautiful stone helps to strengthen intuition- a powerful conduit for wellbeing. Words do, in fact, have power. What we affirm - we manifest! Place this stone in your hand or space. Affirm and receive: “All is Well.”

"I am Loved" Rose Quartz Palm Stone

This affirmation stone serves as a reminder of what is undoubtedly true. You are loved. Rose Quartz is the love stone of all love stones. Its nurturing energy opens the heart to give and receive love. This palm stone is a beautiful gift for yourself, or someone you care for. Affirm and receive: “I am Loved.”

Abundance - Green Aventurine Palm Stone

Manifest prosperity in every sense of the word with this beautifully engraved  palm stone. Green Aventurine, an essential abundance crystal, is a manifestation master. Let this stone remind you that you deserve everything you desire. 

"I am Protected" Black Obsidian Palm Stone

Black Obsidian is one of the key heavy hitter protection crystals. It is a powerful deflector of negative spiritual energy, those who drain our energy, and any ill intentions from others. This stone transmutes negative energy positive energy. Hold Black Obsidian and confidently affirm “ I am Protected.”


Each Palm Stone is approximately 1.75 Inches in length.



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