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Affirmation Crystals

Bloodstone Tower

Bloodstone Tower

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Partner with Bloodstone to spark creative approaches to meaningful self care. This honored and Ancient stone is known to promote wealth and prosperity. Bloodstone  sparks passion and the energy of self love. Bloodstone is a grounding stone that is known to promote living in the present moment.

Bloodstone is known to be a powerful physical healer. It is particularly utilized with regards to energy, circulation, and cleansing of blood in the body. 

This is also a crystal that can be partnered with to foresee dangerous situations and heal our ancestral line. 

Benefits Include: 

  • Strength
  • Courage 
  • Purification 
  • Vitality 
  • Prosperity 
  • Ancestral Healing

Chakra: Heart

Each tower is approximately 4 inches.


Your crystal will be chosen for you. Please keep in mind that these are natural crystals and have some variation in natural pattern, inclusions, and shade. 

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